You brave adventurers have set out, each by your respective factions call, to search for some very influential and very missing delegates. The search begins in the small town of Red Larch in the Dessarin Valley where you, our potential heroes, by the entreat of their respective factions meet up to increase the chances of either finding the delegates or enacting the swift judgement of whoever would keep you from achieving that goal.

This is a comprehensive map of Dessarin Valley, the very one each of you carry in your pack. Dessarin Valley is a lightly settled region of caravan towns, isolated homesteads, and uninhabited wilderness just a week’s journey from waters deep. Nothing of note has happened here for hundreds of years. These days, the Dessarin Valley has little in common with the popular conception of the savage Frontier. Winters are hard here, but the hordes of Orcs and other hungry monsters are a long way off from these parts. Red Larch is the name of the place you will be going.WCEhTFy-2.jpg
This, as I’m sure you can easily derive, is a map of Red Larch. Red Larch has been an important stop on the Long Road for two centuries now. Named for a distinctive stand of Red Larch trees that were cut down when the hamlet was founded. While Red Larch remains prosperous, dark omens are appearing. The heart of the Sumber hills (refer to the map of Dessarin Valley) has become far more dangerous, with monsters lurking seemingly everywhere. Banditry is on the rise and the weather seems to be getting more and more unpredictable.
Several Red Larcher shepherds have seen strange figures watching them from the distant hillsides in the wild fields east of town where they traditionally grazed their flocks. Quarry workers used to cut by torchlight when orders were backing up but do so no longer, shunning the pits by night. They are spooked by rumors of dark robed figures in stone masks lurking in the darkness beyond the torchlight.

Princes of the Apocalypse